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Covenant Enforcement

The District completes bi-weekly inspections.  Below is the covenant enforcement resolution that reviews the process of enforcement within the community.  

Resolution re Covenant Enforcement Fine Policy RECORDED 9-20-22.pdf

The top items the District has noticed in violation of the governing documents are as follows:

  • Trash cans
    • Cans must be stored out of site from the alley and street.  Trash containers may be placed out for pickup after 5pm on the evening before trash is picked up and must be stored the evening of pickup. 
  • Snow Removal
    • Based on City of Aurora Ordinance, every property owner is responsible with keeping City’s sidewalks adjacent to their property free and clear of snow and ice, even though the sidewalks may be behind or outside the rear and side fences and adjacent to streets. Snow and ice must be removed within 24 hours after a snowfall ends, and 48 hours after a snow emergency is declared by the city.
  • Storage of items in Alley
    • Please note that the alley is not to be used for storage.  Grills, trash cans, landscaping materials, and all other items cannot be stored in site from the street or alley
  • Parking
    • Parking in the alley is prohibited.  Alleys are intended as access to garages only. 

Regular site inspections will occur within the community.  Please help us in keeping our community clean and compliant with covenants.  Please reach out to the District with questions at or 970-217-2470.  Information will be sent out next week on how to make a payment to the District and the current balances due to the District.